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@2016-12-31 09:43:51
Hello All,

I am currently preparing for CFA level2 but since I am from Engineering background so not good in accounting, Financial Reporting etc.

Could you please tell me what are best books for the topic I mentioned below except CFA books (which I don't find that much useful in my case)

1. Basic Accounting and Accounting Principles ( like what to debit, what to credit etc )

2. Financial Reporting and Statements (How to prepare financial reports from ledgers, accounts etc and details about all items on financial statements like goodwill,fixed asset etc)

3. Financial statements analysis like ratio analysis and detailed interpretation about different ratios what affect those ratios and how.

I won't mind as if some1 tell me more on 1 book on any of these topics as I might understand may be one books not discuss everything in so much details. So one can tell me specific good book for each of these topics.

Thanks in advance!!
@2017-02-24 23:43:26
Check this book "How to Read a Financial Report" by John Tracy.

This is a bit simplistic for professional use, but it?s a good place to start and you could get through it in a couple of hours. If you can get the basics locked down, it?s pretty easy to add on additional concepts. I?m surprised how many people in this business do not have a good concept of how the statements flow together, so I would recommend focusing on that as a starting place.

The CFA accounting stuff is a joke.

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!