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@2017-05-20 01:47:09
Well I have taken 6 mocks and scored from 60% to 72% averaging around 66%. The thing is that every AM exam i did I scored from 70%-74% but since i was doing the whole exam in one day with 30 mins break in between For every PM exam i scored lower than the morning from 60%-70%. Do you guys find the afternoon parts more difficult or is this just the burnout from a 6 hour exam? and how are you planning on dealing with it? For the exam i have 2 adrenals i will take one for the Morning section and one for the afternoon so i don't loose focus.
@2017-05-22 19:49:16
Looks like you've figured out a viable solution. Unfortunately, Adderall doesn't sit well with me so I can't take it. I've just been doing the same thing as you (six-hour exams with short breaks between AM and PM sessions) in an effort to build up endurance. I've noticed no major difference in terms of difficulty from AM to PM sessions. I haven't suffered from the same disparity of scores as you, they've been pretty consistent. I'm counting on adrenaline to carry me through on exam day.

Although, to be honest with you, when I find myself getting fatigued, I begin to settle on answers prematurely on the tail-end of PM sessions. The result has been pretty favorable - which has taught me to stop second-guessing my instincts.
@2017-09-02 20:34:39
I don't take the whole mock exam in one day. I usually go morning session Saturday and afternoon on Sunday.

By the time you get to exam, you are mentally trained/prepared to go 6 hours for 1 time on exam day.

Maybe try treating it like a marathoner... If you have ever looked at their training schedule, they never run a full 26.2 miles during the training. They only run the marathon on the day of the marathon.

And are you saying you took a 30 minute break between AM and PM? If so, you should consider falling in-line with exam day practices if you plan on taking a whole mock in a day. Exam day there is a two hour break between the morning and the afternoon sessions. Or just know that you will have an additional 90 minutes of mental rest, which will help you on exam day.

There could be differences between morning and afternoon sessions, but I never noticed it really. Most time if I scored lower, it was usually because there was more info in that session that I was weaker in.

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