AuthorTopic: Age-cheat in exam registration
@2017-05-29 22:25:02
Hey guys, just wanna see if anyone has any insight into this issue. Recently, several friends inquired me about the registration process for level 1, and some of them are undergrads in their sophomore or junior years. Since a college student is only able to register for level 1 within 18 months before he gets his anticipated diploma, I am wondering what if someone cheats on this in order to be permitted for early registration? Say, a sophomore claims that he is graduating in one year when he fills the application form and then he will be register for level 1 (which is possible as someone has tried playing around with the online application and found it worked). Any consequence for this? Will it eventually be caught when he applies for the charter several years later (suppose he will survive all three exams first, of course)?

UPDATE: I think there are probably some misunderstandings here. For those who are blaming me for cheating, please read my questions carefully. I have passed all the exams already and have done everything in a definitely ethical and legal way. I am just raising a hypothetical question above, and I definitely know that is a violation of the code and standards. I don't think there is any problem about raising this sort of questions cuz they might be quite practical as counterexamples ,and I am curious about the consequence so I can warn off some of the undergrads who want to take the exams like this in the future. So what is the point for some of you guys trying to blame me for cheating or raising this kind of questions? Probably you should then tell the CFAI to stop giving those ethics questions on the exams asking about whether someone is right or wrong for doing such and such a thing? Just kidding lol. So please just don't get me wrong.

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