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@2013-06-17 01:29:42
Hallo everybody. I am 30 years old, live and work in Kiev as auditor (chief accountant). Plz, tell me, any one study CFA programme like my age? Does it matter study CFA and has exam for me?
@2013-06-26 20:28:49
I'd like an answer to this too. I'm 32 and studying for level 1. I've been a loan officer in mortgage banking for 10 years. Any thoughts?
@2013-07-23 19:11:12
I have not heard of any limits on the age. I am 27.

I completed the level one exam and I saw a few people that looked like they were late 30's so I would say that you both should be fine.

@2013-08-09 19:06:32
I think that at any age the CFA designation would be a great addition to any resume. I am 41 and not the slight bit concerned about my prospects after I complete the program.
@2013-09-11 12:23:37
Age is not a problem despite I am 28 this year...=) And i m doing CPA too
@2015-11-01 16:44:46
I had asked this question for understanding - does it matter for me begin working as CFA after 33-34 years old ? Will I be claimed in this age ?

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