AuthorTopic: AIMR Censure
@2002-09-14 13:45:00
On the AIMR site there is a list of people who got rumbled last year for cheating. Not many Western names there. Is it safe to assume that a lot of the fails come from overseas?
@2002-09-14 18:26:00
Or maybe their proctors are more on the ball than the senior citizens where I take the exam?
@2002-09-20 00:06:00
Im not too sure what you are referring to when you say there are not too many "Western" names. If you are basing that just on the name itself (ie: without the actual location of the candidates), it does not really say much.
What exactly is a "Western" name. Is Mackinnon a Western name...sounds Irish to me.
@2002-09-21 00:21:00
the level of cheating done overseas as compared to North America has something to do with the extreme pressure that the individuals from overseas put on themselves to pass the exam. For them, failing is not an option and they'll do anything it takes to pass which unfortunately includes cheating. The North American attitude is to try your best honestly and if you fail, then try again next year.
Just my thoughts.
@2002-09-25 01:08:00
65%-70% of the people who pass the exam cheat in some way. If you're not sophisticated enough to cheat without being caught, you shouldn't be handling other people's money.

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