AuthorTopic: AIMR grading mistake
@2004-02-10 21:17:08
AIMR called today telling me that my original result was false, and I did in fact pass L1, and for this I get a free sitting on the LII exam.
To be frank, I was really confident after taking the exam, and was absolutely shocked when I received the first result, which indicated I failed miserablly, with scores in each area below 50%. New result indicates that I scored above 70% for each area. Big sigh of relief!
By the way, I used cfacenter only without reading any texts (averaged about 15 hours per week for three and half months), and I thought cfacenter alone was enough (I could not make any comparisons as I neither knew about schweser nor did I get the chance to look at Stella at the time).
I tried to understand/memorize the concepts for each LOS as I knew there would be some trivials in the exam which indeed there was. However my main emphasis was on nailing Accounting, asset valuation and Ethics, as these three weigh almost three quarters of the overall marks.

To those who passed LI, many congrats, those who didn't, don't give up, try to lay out a good study plan and stick to it, you shall get the rewards.
@2004-02-11 06:59:00
the same happend to me today!! My first result showed me everthing below 50%- I didn't believe and appluied for a retabulation of my excam. Today they called me and told me that I passed level I with nearly everthing over 70%!! and I do not have to pay for level II. Also the pass rate increasd from 37% to 40%- there must be a number of other guys who had the same problems!!!
@2004-02-11 17:04:16
Yep, there are others, 3% of the population. Got the great news today. Same story as above poor scores, I couldn't believe initially, and now all in above 70%. That call saved my day. Hope for all out there it did not happen the other way round (passed and now failed, cu at level ii
@2004-02-12 04:41:09
me too had a beautiful day today: from nearly all under 50% to almost all above 70% except for ET (50-70%)!! i called aimr to double-check if it's a joke, as we all know, aimr never changes results. i'm wondering what happened, but aimr refused to give me any explanation.

just on yesterday, during my final interview with a fund house, i told my potential employer sadly that i failed. i had to send an email to the fund house to correct my result upon my double, triple confirmation with aimr.

now i'm thinking about when to take level ii, this june or next june, i lost time and good mood on study for past one month.
@2004-02-12 08:54:12
Congratualtions to those of you who received this wonderful news. I must say though that this little mishap makes me question the whole grading system that AIMR employs as well as their integrity. How could they let something like this happen esepcially when you consider the fact that they had almost 2 months to grade a multiple-choice exam??? Does this mean that there are people out there who "passed" but were really not supposed to? I would expect this kind of error from perhaps a college professor but not from an institution whose reputation is based on its trademark.

Again, Congrats to the 3% who passed...see you at level II.

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I was very pleased with your notes and question bank. I especially like the mock exams because it helped to pull everything together.
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