AuthorTopic: AIMR sample exam
@2004-05-30 17:37:38

Where can I find answers for Level I Study Guide sample exam?

AIMR Page is the worst place to look for anything. I know it must be somewhere there :)
@2004-05-31 11:42:57
Go to candidate services, next to CFA exam retail and candidate preparation and then to practice exams. You will find the answers in the guideline answers and also there is another sample with the answers. I believe these are more simple than the real exam but give you a sense how the answers will be.
@2004-05-31 17:21:49
Thanks brujita. How would you asses the ratio "sample to real exam difficulty" - 80% 90%?
Actualy I scored quite well in the sample, but if you say real exam is more difficult I'm no longer as comfortable as yesterday evening :-)
@2004-06-01 08:55:01
I beleive in the sample exam you can easily get around 85% to 90% correct. I beleive the real exam is in between the mock exams and the sample exams.
Don't forget that we don't need an score of 90% to pass so for sure they put at least 25% of the questions more difficult.

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!