AuthorTopic: Almost time
@2007-11-28 08:09:11
Saturday Night could not come sooner.

Anyways how are you guys feeling about the test?

I'm feeling fairly confident in all areas but statistics.
-I just tried to hammer down hypothesis testing and a few of the larger statistical concepts, hopefully there won't be much math pertaining to the Z-scores and the more complex probabilities.

Good luck, all.
@2007-11-28 15:44:23
Wish you guys all good luck on saturday.

Let's destroy the CFA passing rate statistics !

My scores tell me i have to "cram" a little more until then... Let's see.

@2007-11-28 20:08:12
Hey everyone
I want it to be over but at the same time feel like some more stuyding time couldn't hurt... I too, am not very confident about the quantative methods... and some of the questions in the mock exams were pretty tough... but overall, I think its passable (I hope). What is everyone's ranking in the different study sessions?

Best of luck to everyone!
@2007-11-30 21:04:14
best of luck to all and go get them .
i have already passed it in my mind. laugh
for real
@2007-12-01 12:44:58
Didn't sleep last night. If I'd known that would happen, I would have crammed more! Let's lock it up, people.
@2007-12-02 04:36:27
What'd you think? I thought the first exam was much harder.
@2007-12-02 04:48:13
Well, i not so confident that i can pass. it's harder than i ever think.
@2007-12-02 07:21:44
The question format where there are two scenarios and you check yes/no for each... there were a few of those that got me. I'd be sure about one and then second-guessing on the other. Ah well, we shall see. No matter the result, I am done with Exam I!

When are results released? Hopefully with enough time to start studying for June...
@2007-12-02 15:09:31
Questions seen in the "Morning session" is a bit harder than those in the afternoon session. The overall impression is that the question looks a bit shorter than those of the previous years.
@2007-12-02 15:25:26
i agree, first exam was more difficult. i thought there were some tricky ethics questions. quantatative methods questions were pretty fair. what did ya'll think of the alternative investments sections?
@2007-12-02 16:43:19
Brain's totally fried after the exam..i thought the afternoon one was more challenging than the morning one, esp the derivatives, they seemed to love derivatives very much for the afternoon paper..
@2007-12-02 16:53:02
sabby, funny you mention derivatives because i remember thinking the same at the time, but now all those deriv questions seem like a blur. can't really remember much of it. lol
@2007-12-02 17:52:31
yeah they really loved those yes/no questions! uberstyle, was definitely in the same spot as you, was very sure abt one, but the second one really made me scratch my head and it was 50:50...could go either way...anony, each time I got to a derivative qn, it was like hitting a road block, esp those currencies and forward qns, but in the end, had to guess, after all there is 25% chance of probably getting it right...tho i cant remember now what in the world i answered either haha
@2007-12-02 20:25:04
I thought the afternoon session was more difficult that the morning. Those yes / no questions were the worst. I didn't think the derivatives were too bad and the quantative methods were much better than expected but the ethics was a bit tricky... Oh well, at least its finally over!! :) Just a month n a half of waiting, anticipating to go lol. Good luck guys!
@2007-12-03 07:45:06
Yo Peeps!

i found the afternoon session harder although its probably got 2 do with the fact that i was a bit tired..

cfa exam in definitely not hard,but definitely not easy 2 pass!

here's hopin that we all write level 2 in june.
@2007-12-03 13:40:01
One underlying fact about both the papers: it was quite elimentary in the sense it was testing the basic facts about most instruments and concepts. The yes/no questions were basically trying to test one's understanding of the concepts. I personally found first paper very straighforward and relatively easier than the second one, maybe because i was not very confident of the dferred taxes, liabilities chapters. Derivatives were tricky but i cant remember the Qs now. Also, i do not remember reading about modified convexity (maybe i missed it). Best of luck to all who appeared.
@2007-12-04 21:55:07
I thought both session were equally challenging. Not too bad on the quatitative and portfolio management. One thing that threw me off is the econ. What the heck is phillips curve? I don't recall that I ever read it.

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