AuthorTopic: Alt way to value company
@2005-04-19 06:05:16
Can someone please give a quick and dirty way to analyaze the value of a company??
@2005-04-19 17:45:27
Asset - Liabilities + discounted growth prospects - liquiditiy discount
@2005-04-20 12:33:56
don't forget intellectual capital. When you buy the company if all the talent walks, what are you left with?
@2005-04-21 21:04:39
True on the intellectual capital, but how to you put a number on that? Almost any "value" of IC could be justified. If you use a firm's goodwill (or some portion of it) as a proxy, how do you determine what percentage to apply to IC, say versus brand name recognition and loyalty?
@2005-04-22 13:32:23
LeoLeo is right
@2005-04-30 12:19:41
I think u can capitalize R&D expenses and value some of them as intellectual capital.

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