AuthorTopic: Am I doomed? cant recall most stuff! :(
@2015-10-20 10:13:25
Preparing for cfa level 2- 2015

Started off with FRA and finished entire syllabus yesterday (solving analystnotes review questions, cfa blue box, cfa eoc's, and also writing important formulas along the way). Now when I again started revision of FRA today. I am not able to recall most of the things! :(
So depressed right now.. and feel like i did something really wrong in my approach. :(

Request to all kind souls. please Advise on how may i effectively manage my remaining time. i tried solving the questions again but i need to keep referring the formulas and refer back to the study notes.

CFA Discussion Topic: Am I doomed? cant recall most stuff! :(

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!