AuthorTopic: am I eligible to take the CFA exam?
@2017-12-03 09:38:01

Do I need any specific courses to be eligible to take the CFA Exam? I have a bachelor's degree in English Studies but have been working in the field of accounting and finance for over three years now. I am currently taking a Computer Business Accounting course this summer and Managerial Finance in Fall. Am I eligible to take the CFA exam with just my work experience, a few courses and just by studying the CFA review materials? Please advise me of any recommendations that you may have to go about this process. I would want to hopefully take the level 1 exam next year.

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@2017-12-20 23:30:41
It is my understanding that if you have any bachelors degree you can take the CFA exam. If you don't have a degree I think its 4 yrs (not exactly sure) work experience. Go to CFA Institute's website and read their criteria. I have a bachelors degree in social work and I am writing in Dec. I have written and passed the CSC and derivatives course 2 months ago(in Canada). I am a paid member of this site and I am checking into another possible prep course (a local classroom one). I think if you studying hard it doesn't really matter what ed. background you have--my opinion.

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!