AuthorTopic: Am i getting in over my head?
@2019-01-16 03:43:57
Hi all- first post to the forum- just signed up for the cfa L1 on January 11. already purchased AN pro packaghe, and CFAI has managed to internationally ship (to Singapore) their books to me already.

I've just put together a 5 hr/weekend day and 2hr/weeknight schedule together - i allotted hours based on the % per subject, and now see that i have ZERO free time on weeknights and very little on first read/study time is 330 hours, and then 2 weeks to re-read, with a final 2 weeks of review on problem areas.

i'm pretty sure i've got the ethics down pat- though i'm a little nervous since some questions will want me to infer deeper, while others wont....quant looks hairy, but hopefully the 40 hours of study i'm allotting should help- i'm guessing it may be better to hire a tutor for this part since i work better on quant problems by repeating the questions and going through the motions.

i'm sure i'll have a million other questions going forward, but just wanted to say hi- and ask generally if i have enough time to study (which is probably hard to answer).

i'm also wondering which calc to get- i've not used RPN much, though i know how it works. looks to me as the TI might be easier to use and not complicate matters while i'm taking the exam.

(sorry for being a newbie!)
@2019-01-20 15:55:57
Yes, I think you have time to study if this material isn't entirely new to you (although there will be plenty of people who say otherwise). Do you have a background in finance? It depends so heavily on that and your learning style. Personally, I wouldn't spend time re-reading; I would use those two weeks for more practice testing. IMO, the last month should be spent entirely on practice problems/tests. That's what will build your confidence.

You're also going to get conflicting calculator answers. I love the HP, but everyone feels differently.

Good luck!
@2019-04-18 05:10:24
Hi, bibiya. If you follow that study schedule, you will literally end up studying for three times as many hours as I did. CFAI recommends 250 hours - your schedule has over 450 hours. In reality, most people need around 150 hours - CFAI intentionally gives us a conservative estimate. In my opinion, even if you take some time to enjoy life, you will still be able to do well in this test. Good luck, in any case.

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