AuthorTopic: Am I making too litte?
@2017-04-23 03:08:28
Hey all,

I know some of you will probally bash this but let me throw out a figure. I'm 25, working at a small investment bank for 2 yrs and making around 60k base and bonus of about 10k in last years crappy market. Top university, honors grad, going for L2 CFA this year. Also had brief stints at consulting...

No pay increase in the past 2 years. Am I making too little??
@2017-04-24 16:02:03
For an analyst your base salary is a bit low but not by much - you're very much in the ball-park so don't fret too much about it - particularly given that M&A is dead right now.

Good luck
@2017-05-04 08:54:39
In this market I would stick with your firm as long as they don't abuse you, you are in the ballpark + or minus 10K , 6k after tax in NY. To keep occupied apply to a top 10 B-school so you have that in your back pocket for your own peace of mind.
@2017-08-01 14:45:32
Depends where you live, obviously. The cost of living in this area (Fairfield County, CT) fair outweighs the cost of living, say, down South.

Most workers haven't seen pay raises in at least two years. It's the market, not you.

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I passed! I did not get a chance to tell you before the exam - but your site was excellent. I will definitely take it next year for Level II.
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