AuthorTopic: Am I on track? Here is my study plan
@2018-07-09 16:54:05
Hi guys ,

I've started my preparations for CFA lv1 Dec . But I'm taking it a bit slow and relaxed now , just trying to make notes and trying to understand the concept.

So far i've done :

1. Ethics. completed 3 standards (Till duty to clients)

2. Economics. completed the 1st reading fully/reading 13. (Demand and supply intro)

1, looking forwards to complete full of ethics , 2 more readings of economics , derivates and a major chunk or the whole of quantitative methods and small parts of Financial reporting and analysis . by July 31st.

I havent yet registered , will be registering on 31st July for Lv1 and will start reading the CFA material for ethics and will solve the questions for all the subjects from em.

Before October I have planned to do the whole portions twice and solve all the EOC's . Last month (NOV) . I will only be revising my summary and doing practice tests . Will be cooling off the last 2 weeks before exam .(prolly heading out with frds etc? ).

I would like to know if my study plan is good enough and if i am on track for a successful debut at the CFA lv1 in Dec.


@2018-08-08 08:46:31
I'm also sitting in December and I already read the whole curriculum one time and did all the EOC questions (I know it's early but I've the time to study during working hours). I did a mock exam scored 78% and now I'm taking the summer off and will re-read the curriculum again. Make sure you have 1 month to review and to a lot of mocks !

Good luck my friend!

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!