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I am new, only my second posting on the forum, but I would like to share a little thought on the above subject.

Scanning through a few posts on the forum, it seems to me that there is significant pessimism around, evident in comments like "oh, I am so failing!", "I am screwed!", "stressed to the bottom!", "go for the hacksaw!" ... etc.

My question - is it really worth the effort to let the "world" know how bad you are doing or feeling about your preparation? Surely not a good idea in my opinion.

Look at it this way... the Pass / Fail criteria is based on relativity. Since we can't all be Passed nor Failed (. i.e. only a quota (30%-40%) will get the green light, candidate A's loss is candidate B's gain and vice versa. So candidates taking the same exam are "competitors" (sort of).

A key aspect to passing exams in general is CONFIDENCE. I would argue that; publicising how well you are not doing deepens the "depth of ones grave", in most cases. as far as "quota system" exams are concerned, arguably, most people get a confidence boost reading that "oh candidate A, B , C etc are trailing" could the energy shed in "sobbing" be spent mastering one more LOS' yes for sure.

If there was a good case to go public, I would argue that let everyone know how well you are doing. That way, you boost your own confidence; create a little bit of positive pressure on yourself to do even better; whilst this softly mounts a little "negative" pressure on "competitors".

A short story - whilst taking my other professional qualification, we had a similar forum which was fantastic for discussions and knowledge. There was a guy who would always "hype" how well he was prepared + coming up with all sorts of potential questions etc. Without suggesting his approach was good, you could tell from other folk's comments / reaction that some were feeling negative pressure which could easily dampen one's confidence. It was a strategy this guy used to boost his own confidence and he sailed through the exam fairly well. I AM BY NO MEANS SUGGESTING YOU DO THAT THOUGH!!!

All I am arriving at is that"..stay positive, no matter how":

late you registered for the exam or started your study,
slow your study pace, low you are scoring in question practice / mocks, etc.

Of course it is important to get on the forum with REAL QUERIES to improve your knowledge. In this case both you and "competitors" win. You get answers to fill know gaps and your "competitors" who contribute to the answers reinforce their own knowledge.

What matters is your composure on exam day, a lot of which depends on your CONFIDENCE on the day. So use your energy efficiently and don't wind yourself up with pessimism. Keep ticking the LOS, get on the forum with real queries and practicing loads of questions (I know at least from my previous life).

Best wishes to you all.

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I am happy to say that I passed! Your study notes certainly helped prepare me for what was the most difficult exam I had ever taken.
Andrea Schildbach

Andrea Schildbach