AuthorTopic: Am I too old for CFA charter?
@2019-01-12 05:31:19
Hello everybody,

I would like to share a feeling about my motivations in pursuing the charter.
Sometimes, I think I am too old for CFA!
I am 36 years old and still willing to learn something new, but... some nights, after a long day at work, I find it very difficult to study for the exam (level 1) and I chew over my age and my declining memory.

However I also believe that CFA charter will be useful for my career, especially considering that average working life is lengthening progressively. If I succeed in getting my charter by 40 years old, I would have at least another 25 years to work before retiring. That is the second important reason for my personal CFA commitment.

Could you please give me your opinion, especially my contemporaries?

Thank you and all the best!
@2019-01-19 19:06:28
I'm sure you have *something* to gain by finishing the CFA program - though it will probably be knowledge rather than measurable career advancement. The question is if it's worth it for you to spend a few hundred hours a year on this for the next 3 or 4 years. Most people I know in their mid-late 30s would say no, but really, it's up to personal choice. Good luck in whatever you decide.
@2019-04-03 13:12:55
I have to say that I am much older than you, come from a non-finance background, just failed Level 1, and am keenly intent on passing this June's exam.
If you are enjoying it, there is always merit. You are easily young enough to gain significant advancement from obtaining your charter.

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