AuthorTopic: Am I too old to start CFA at 31?
@2018-02-11 19:14:41
I am 31 and have a BA in politics/government.

I always regretted not applying myself in math enough in school. Over the past couple of years I took pre-cal, calculus and algebra, statistics and corporate finance through correspondance at Athabasca University.

I did well in those course and I am interested in a career in finance. I am currently teaching English in Seoul (I am a native English speaker and a Canadian citizen). I am also studying Korean language and Mandarin language. My Korean is intermed. and Mandarin is basic but I hope to have working knowledge of both. I have a light teaching load so I am going to also start the CFA (from level 1 of course) in addition to my language studies in Seoul.

It is my plan to move back to Canada in the next couple of years (after I have completed the first 2 levels of the CFA and after my language skills have improved). I will move to either Vancouver or Calgary.

I am definitely older than average, but I hope that certain things will give me an advantage. For a variety of reasons I am a late bloomer, but I have an intense focus and a passion for finance.

Things that I think will give me an advantage:

1) Language skills (globalized world and working in Vancouver or Calgary-high asian population in both cities).

2) I am single and have the same freedom as a 22 year old (I am willing to work 15 hour days and to hop on a plane with no notice).

3) Being a Canadian citizen and being able to work in Vancouver/Calgary (cities with strong economies).

Any advice/insight is much appreciated.

I am also curious about what the salary range for a CFA is in Calgary.

Thanks in advance.
@2018-02-12 19:44:27
It's going to be one heck of a long shot entering the industry as an energy analyst in Calgary right now. In my experience, most are engineers with an MBA/CFA that have a decade of experience working in leading industry firms. With no relevant experience, that's going to be a very tough nut to crack.
@2019-04-07 16:58:47
You'll enter the Alberta oil sands a decade too late. Not sure it's a good long from here. Remember the 1980s?

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