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@2015-07-22 15:46:56
While doing ethics questions in the review exam session of, I came across a question in which a proctor copies the question paper and send it to two candidates out of which one uses the paper while other one throws it away and the question is asking who all are under the violation of codes and standards?

The answer to above question as given is all three person involved are under violation.

Now, my question is while reading all codes and standards its written everywhere that the codes and standards are applicable to “members and candidates” So, how come a proctor is under violation of codes and standards when, what i believe is they dont come under the defination of a member or either candidate. Please correct me if i am wrong.

P.S. - I am aware that i might be asking a silly question here.
@2015-07-23 00:51:18
Don't have the answer, but why is the guy who threw the paper out in violation? Is it because he didn't snitch on the proctor?
@2015-08-04 18:08:34
As per the question the 3 people involved were earlier plotting to cheat in exam so even though the third guy threw away the paper he was still under violation as he was the part of all plotting.

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