AuthorTopic: an MBA after completion of CFA?
@2017-06-09 22:17:34
Upon completion of the CFA charter status would an MBA even be worthwhile to pursue? I'm hearing contradictory things. Some tell me that the MBA would be redundant. Others say that in order to become a portfolio manager you would need both. What do you say?
@2017-07-13 13:01:53
MBA gives you broader range of knowledge of the business world. will benefits your career as well as personel life. Definitely a plus.
@2017-08-23 17:11:24
It depends.
1. how high do you want to go. Just a PM(portfolio manager)? CFA is enough in terms of qualification. But if someone needs to be selected as chief investment officer, or the head of a department, people with both CFA and MBA would be preferred than only CFA. Since MBA has a broad knowledge structure suitable for a management level position. Yet, nothing is absolute. Like Buffett, Soros, with truly superior investment performance, number would speak for itself.
2. competition: when more and more people has both MBA and CFA, whom will the employers choose if other things equal?
3. you know, most Top i-bank and im firm go to B-school to hire entry level positions, so MBA would also mean a practical career gateway.

You can look at some websites of large im firms, they often have a people part, you may get a sense who has what.

Hope this helps,

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