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@2003-09-10 21:12:51
I'm thinking about purchasing "Analysis and Use of Financial Statements", but I noticed there are several editions:

- 1st edition, 1993
- 2nd edition, 1997 (requireed by AIMR)
- 3rd edition, 2002

I am thinking about the 3rd edition, because:

- it is the newest
- it it cheaper than the 2nd edition.

However, I noticed, that the 3rd edition has 784 pages, while the 2nd edition has 1224 pages.

Does anyone know the differences between these editions? The difference is over 400 pages...
Thank you.
@2003-09-13 09:40:54
The current edition required for CFA is 2nd edition. The CFA curriculum suggests certain problems be done from the textbook at the end of the readings. These are problems per second edition.
@2003-09-21 23:31:03
I would definitely buy the new edition for two reasons: first, AIMR probably would not test its candidates on something outdated; second, this text would also be used for Level 2 exam, and as I progress to L2 exam by 2004, I don't think AIMR would still prescribe its candidates to read and study an outdated textbook. So if you buy the old edition today, you might end up having to buy the 3rd edition after your L1 exam next year. As far as I know, the new edition is only available next month according to this should be the reason why AIMR has prescribed the second edition.
@2003-09-26 14:58:52
All well said, but I would suggest contacting AIMR for the most reliable information. They might not have updated ther web-site or their printed material, but they might very well have adopted the new curriculum. Your best bet would be to contact them.

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