AuthorTopic: Analysis of financing liabilities - questions/answers
@2004-05-08 13:16:29

I have been working on this subject and done some exercises from the book. I would like to know if someone has the correct answers to exercises of the "analysis and use of Financial Statement ", 2nd edition. Those are the number 16, 21, 22 pages 527, 528. I would appreciate if someone has the answers. Thank you

@2004-05-09 16:47:27
There is a workbook with solutions for all the exercises. Get hold of the book.
@2004-05-10 06:48:24
Joseph, I know there is a book..... I don't want to buy it.....this is why... I ask....

anyway..... I'll find by myself........

see ya

CFA Discussion Topic: Analysis of financing liabilities - questions/answers

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