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@2018-10-07 08:26:31

this is a stupid question- but could anyone please tell me if i could be classified as an analyst if i collate information from separate sources, with the final product being a report??

the report will concern emerging markets- with a macroeconomic aspect, a country aspect and specific stock analysis. all the raw data would come from other independent stock brokerages- but it would be up to me to put it all together in one report. my title would be analyst- but could this be classified as an equity analyst? would it be accepted as analyst experience- because the pay is horrific ($400 per month and no benefits)... but the sh-t pay is only for the probationary period- thereafter, it will hopefully be a reasonable amount. also- i have NO experience at all and this would go a long way...

i would just be getting raw data from the other brokerages. they are fully aware of the situation and there is a mutually beneficial relationship. because there would be about 20 seperate countries within the report- it works out more efficiently to use others raw data.

i am a first time career seeker and i have been offered such a position at a very small, 6 month old organization. their focus is on emerging markets.

@2018-10-13 22:48:43
many analysts started working as assistants, helping out with phones, photocopying and downloading data. I'd say go for it, especially given your lack of experience. Can't be too choosy in this type of environment....
@2018-10-17 09:40:21
How in God's name can you live on $400 a month? I pay twice that for my apartment. Where are you located?
@2018-12-02 13:11:32
thanks for all your advice- it was most appreciated. PS i live in africa - so i suppose the salary is not as horrific as it sounds to anyone in the developed world. i do admit that it is sort of slavery!

ALSO - that miniscule salary is only for the probationary period- followed by market related salary and a sign up bonus of $1000- tax free. thanks again!

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