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@2006-11-03 17:31:10

Anyone has any idea how tough are the questions on this website compared to the real exam? If you get, on an average, 60 percentile on the review questions on this website, what is the probability of passing the real exam???


@2006-11-04 13:58:31
i have been getting around the same percentile. Please somebody let me and bajaj know.Thanks
@2006-11-07 20:39:52
AnalystNotes questions are pretty tough, but still are a little different from the actual CFA Institute questions. You should try to get close to 70 percentile on AnalystNotes, that will greatly improve your chances of passing the real exam.
@2006-11-07 21:21:17
Thanks Volkovv!
@2006-11-08 00:40:17
Thanks for that answer. ANother concern that I have is I do not have any finance experience but still working hard to make L1. I see people here leaving comments to the basic review questions with elaborated explainations of any doubt or queries. So shall I expect ambigous questions on the exam with more than one possible answers? any suggestion not to get bowled there!!
@2006-11-09 22:19:15
Some exam questions are ambiguous. It is the nature of the CFA exam. You have to take your best guess.
@2006-11-16 09:55:18
Any idea on the level of difficulty of ethics from here compared to the exam? What percentage should I be aiming for on this website?

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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!