AuthorTopic: AnalystNotes 2008 - Should I use it?
@2010-10-28 13:39:51
I've been given the AnalystNotes2008 ebook - can you advise whether the ebook is still valid to use for study for the Level 1 Dec 2011 exam? Or do I need to buy the latest ebook for $99.

@2010-10-30 17:35:46
hahahahahaah 2008 vs 2011. I am sure that you should not use them. listen dont try to avoid cutting down cost on materials by using old stuff. u putting u self a GREAT Risk
@2010-11-01 07:34:34
making a investment is good for you. It's just $99.
@2010-11-06 05:41:06
Why would you use a 2008 version when the 2011 version is only $69? It just does not make any sense to me. There are lots of changes in the required readings since 2008.

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