AuthorTopic: AnalystNotes Mock Questions vs Scheweser Question Bank
@2015-04-01 16:43:59
I have already purchased the Scheweser Question Bank, but I have read that it is not very represetative of the exam. I have read though, that the AN practice questions do a good job in terms of how close they are to the real CFA examquestions. I was just wondering would it be worth getting an AN online package, given that I will won’t have time to do both sets of questions (Only gonna do either Qbank questions or An mock exams)

In other words, how much better are the AN mock exams than the Scheweser Qbank? I do not mind the additional cost of $69 to get an online package, as long as they are a better source for preparation.
@2015-04-10 10:15:17
Your marginal cost for the AN mock exams is nominal, and the questions are reminiscent of Level II last June (in style, not in content). My only issue right now is the small amount of Level II questions available; I already know that I'll be seeing questions multiple times, which might mean that I begin answering questions correctly because I've memorized answers instead of concepts. That's on me though.

Regardless, use both tools; you can't work through all of the questions on either site, and don't try. Better to mix and match.
@2015-05-19 03:15:19
I found both to be equally good and comprehensive as far as test preparation is concerned. IF you need the online contents, then you may go for AN exams

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