AuthorTopic: AnalystNotes ranking vs Exam results
@2010-01-15 12:11:31
Hi... My question is there correlation between CFA exam results and AnalystNotes ranking?

Question for both parties those who had passed exam and who hadn't.

Thanks Vitali
@2010-01-15 17:48:40
Privet Vit

My AnalystNotes ranking was consistently rather low, although I passed the exam with a relatively high score. I can attribute the low AnalystNotes rating to the fact that a few people were checking questions on the web against printed notes, thus getting scores close to 100%. Hope it helps ;)
@2010-01-17 21:11:13
I passed with a large margin (all >70%) and my AnalystNotes rankings of all sessions were between 58% - 77%. I hope this would give you an idea.
@2010-01-20 22:58:54
Hi, I passed with all >70%, but I was ranked anywhere between 40 to 55% here. I guess that means either I was so lucky at the exam or people here are so good. Of course, I did practice exams at the library among kids playing online video games. That might have been the factor.
@2010-05-30 10:54:57
I haven't passed yet but on one section I studied a day before and took exam and scored 86% (also retook some of the questions) and got them right next time.
Last one I just took a test no studying - got 46% of the questions correct still scored only 3% and now it shows as 1%

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I am happy to say that I passed! Your study notes certainly helped prepare me for what was the most difficult exam I had ever taken.
Andrea Schildbach

Andrea Schildbach