AuthorTopic: Anxious waiting for the June exam results
@2007-07-08 16:02:21
Anyone getting a little anxious? I figure results could come out as early as next week. I've been laying low ever since Exam day and am thinking about my goals for the next half year depending on exam results.

Fingers acrossed all!
@2007-07-10 08:47:18
I'm also quiet anxious...they must give us the results that we may know our fate!
@2007-07-12 11:04:58
Yeah. I feel anxious in a way. Tobe honest, I'm pretty sure I failed. The morning session went really bad. The after noon was one better, but people keep telling me that you need 65-70% to pass. There is no way I got this.

The irony is, is that I actually studied pretty hard for this exam. How depressing!
@2007-07-17 11:32:29
I think that if you comment in this post when the results will come out, they will come out faster.

Honestly guys, no one knows when the results will come out. When they do, CFA will send you an email. Asking once is alright, asking twice is not so alright, asking thrice and I hope you fail ethics.

CFA Discussion Topic: Anxious waiting for the June exam results

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