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@2016-10-15 08:23:34

I would like to ask someone out there for help. Any assistant is greatly appreciated.

I was asked to make a presentation regarding a potential customer, at my place of employment, and would like your suggestions/recommendations on how to obtain information or sample report (if any).

I was asked to write a report about a company (any company) and the report should cover the following headings:

(1) Background about the company (easy to do and find)
(2) Financial Information about the company (Bal. Sheet, Inc Stat and CF Stat). I can obtain.
(3) Perform Ratio analysis on the company. Cover as many ratios as possible. Once I obtain the financial information, this is task is easy.
(4) Calculate the EPS for the company and the Dividend yields (%)
(5) Include DuPont Ananysis in the report.
(6) Look at the company's stock prices for the past 4 to 5 years and calculate the company's price/book ratio
(7) Provide an opinion about whether a potential investor should buy the stock or a current investor to hold or sell the stock
(8) recommendation

I kindly ask you if you have done a report similar to what I am asked to do, to provide me with hint(s) or a sample report that highlight these points. Thanks in advance.
@2016-10-19 22:23:34
Preparing an objective report should be a breeze. The only challenge is the recommendation.

Don't base your recommendation solely on the company's previous history. Look toward the future prospects of the company and the sector it is in. The sector's projected performance should account a large part of your recommendation.

This is just a starting point. Don't forget things such as:

--> Consensus estimates
--> Management quality
--> Earnings quality
--> Balance Sheet stability
--> Earnings stability
--> Potential legal issues

And a ton of other things. Good luck.
@2016-10-30 14:54:33
recommendation should not be in isolation meaning you need to look at how well the industry is doing and what is the performance like against other competitors.

also adding to haven's list look at company's dividend policy that also shows if the company retains its earnings or pass it on to shareholders through dividends. it will give u an idea if the company is investing in expanding its business.

all the best...
@2016-11-25 12:54:45
well.... you go online....meaning on the net...... on google you type financial report or you go directly on the site of BofA, Wachovia...whatever..... and look for a report from their research department............

and between you and I how do you do a research without appropriate tools!!!!!!

see ya

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