AuthorTopic: any dev economists out there?
@2015-05-08 19:51:55
anyone in development economics/investment out there? I am thinking about the CFA program to substantiate my skill set for investment work and/or enterprise development in developing countries or one of the development banks. I have an international affairs degree with an emphasis on finance, and currently work outside the US as a grants manager for a USAID-funded rule of law program. Can you advise or recommend for or against the CFA?

Thanks for anything!

@2015-06-02 21:13:24
It depends on where you want to go. The CFA might not be enough preparation for enterprise devt since it only trains you on how to analyze a security from an investor's point of view, not to run a company. An MBA type of training might be more useful, since you'll get more thorough preparation on almost all of the areas relevant to running a private business, plus some experience on the soft issues re: entrepreneurship. Plus, for the amount of time you'll be devoting to the CFA (assuming you'll finish in three years, you could be sinking in 1.5-3 years mininum) whereas you can finish the mba in 2.

If you dont want to commit to a full program, some courses in fund-raising, financial management, managerial accounting will help.

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