AuthorTopic: any good CFA exam prep provider other than Analystnotes?
@2015-04-18 10:52:04
I am registered for Level 1 in Dec 2015. After failing in June 2014 I'm pretty desperate to try something new. In June, I used Schweser and studied the prescribed amount of time but came up short on the exam. All I want to know is if anybody has any feedback on analystnotes or some other providers: I don't want to get ripped off again like last time with Schweser.
@2015-05-09 07:16:55
The time you need really depends on your past experience. For level 1 I don't think anything beats analystnotes.

Another source is Investopedia. They have free CFA questions that can be of some use. Just be aware that the questions are quite old and some may be out of date. I know some their ethics questions will look funny because the CFA changed the order of the code and standards in the past few years. But the basic overall concepts don't change, especially for things like valuation and quant methods.

CFA Discussion Topic: any good CFA exam prep provider other than Analystnotes?

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!