AuthorTopic: Any good strategy?
@2019-04-14 18:36:15
I took the exam last year but failed... Very disappointed...although I reviewed Schweser notes and completed 2~3 mock exams. The real test seemed not very difficult but so different from Schweser ones.

This time I signed up to June exam, and started to review my own notes from book 1 to book 5.
Since I'm able to remember the key points roughtly and lack of practices is the main reason for me to fail the last exam. I planned to do as many practices as possible this time. However, after a few days, I found that it was very slow to do the practices on text books (they're very good problems to help us think). Time is very tight now, I don't know what to do...I still stopped with quantitative practices...

BTW, I only have 4 hours to review from Monday to Friday and full days on weekends.

Could someone give some suggestions on my strategy to prepare the exam?
@2019-05-27 19:09:39
Since you have some sort of passive knowledge from earlier years of studying, why not try working the review questions from for 6 hours every weekend and 6 hours during the week. Set up a random exam and choose 60 questions each time. If you are stuck, take out the notes and look up whatever you need to know in order to solve the question. Aim at solving 12 different exams, two exams every week for six weeks.

Added: Sorry, didn't see you are so pressed for time. In that case, take half an exam for every four hours you have to spare, one exam for every 6-8 hours = 2 weeks. It usually takes longer to work through an exam on your own, than on exam day. At least that is how it was for me.

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