AuthorTopic: Any L2 or L3 CFA candidates out there unemployed?
@2004-07-11 18:53:30
Hello,I am just wondering if there are any other CFA L2 or L3 candidates looking for employment. I was an equity analyst for the energy industry for 2 years and find myself jobless in NYC and looking for employment. Maybe we can share our experiences and network to explore job opportunities. Please post your responses here. Also it might help if you mention what field you were working in, which city and how long you have been looking for work. Thanks.
@2004-07-13 01:54:35
Hi there,You are not alone, pal. My last job was in corporate finance area, and it has been since 6 months since my layoff. Jobs are not easy to come by these days, so I am working on a PhD now and waiting for my L2 result, while continuing my job search. Good luck to all of us in the same boat.
@2004-07-14 07:36:02
Not yet, but soon i will join your club. "due to the budget...." they will let us go in July, i know from my friends in HR.

So, I am shopping around for RN classes (poor joke).

In a reality I have NO CLUE how to get around. the economy is in a toilet and it does not plan to get out as far as I know.

besides it, it is hot to lynch someone from the financial district these days.

So, life is great, isn't it?

CFA Discussion Topic: Any L2 or L3 CFA candidates out there unemployed?

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