AuthorTopic: any one having exp of "forex trading"?
@2005-04-15 23:49:38
i was just wondering if n e one havg exp forex trading + pursuing the "cfa" ? n e odd ideas abt it i.e n.e odd evens of both things in forex trading field?
@2005-04-18 17:40:55
just my 5 cents :
try LIFA , if you are holder of ACI certificate ( and some other relevant grades/certificates ) you can jump into Level III exam without sitting I and II ....
@2005-04-18 20:54:02
I was an FX trader in NY in the early 90's and entertained the idea then of going for the CFA charter. If I had it to do over again, I would have done it then (single, no kids, plenty of spare time). At the time I didn't think I "needed" it to be an FX trader and if you're already in the field a few years, it's probably a toss-up. Overall, it can't hurt, so why not? Probably beneficial longer term if you stay in the field since it'll likely help if you progress say, from being a spot trader to a more global risk manager function or another senior level position.
@2005-04-25 08:37:31

I'm a FX Fund manager in Middle-east (Dubai).CFA Plus FX trader, i guess helps in long-term. However, i would suggest CMT Certified Market Technician program if you are into trading any kind of securities, kind of double star trader.

Off hand , what is LIFA and ACI certificate?

Good luck

CFA Discussion Topic: any one having exp of "forex trading"?

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