AuthorTopic: Any reason to rush and take June 16 instead of wait to Dec?
@2016-01-03 19:31:10
Haven't started or even registered yet. Any reason that taking it in June would be preferable, besides the possibility of not passing? Level 2 is in June 17 regardless and I hear it isn't much of a benefit to scour the job market with only Level 1 in hand anyway. Please let me know if you disagree.
@2016-02-18 23:49:14
Well, if u r done with level 1 in june, u get ample time to get geared for level 2 next june even after taking a break of 2 months or so (thats how long it takes for the results to come out anyway). Or else, if u go the dec way, u wud get limited time to study for level 2. Its ur call eod...u really need to pull up ur socks now so as to be able to crash L1 this june.
@2016-03-08 07:09:53
Keep in mind that you need experience to get the charter as well, so the longer you delay the job hunt the longer you delay getting the charter. The job market situation is not great right now, but you can put "CFA Level 1 Candidate" on your resume, which at the least shows some initiative. If you aren't working right now, there is plenty of time to study and pass the CFA-L1 exam in June. I would start studying for CFA-L2 in September/October of this year. The exam is supposed to be much more difficult than L1, which isn't a walk in the park itself.

CFA Discussion Topic: Any reason to rush and take June 16 instead of wait to Dec?

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