AuthorTopic: any standard of getting started for the CFA exam
@2017-10-07 09:16:01

I'm planning to take the CFA exam this coming December, and I wonder what kind of materials we need to study for the exam.

I took finance modules (investments, securities, corporate finance etc) during my undergrad, but I think those are not enough, aren't they? Do we NEED to purchase the curriculum on the CFA institute bookstore? Are there any other alternatives? I wonder if there's any standard to getting started.

Thanks all for the answers
@2017-10-29 10:31:50

The curriculum is included in the enrolment and registration costs. You will be sent these a few days after your application has been accepted.

The CFA provided curriculum was the only material that I used. It is much more detailed and you may spend longer going through it, but it does save you money if you are paying for the course yourself.

Some of your Uni books could be helpful in comparing descriptions of concepts, so they could be used in tandem with the CFA curriculum.

I hope that Helps.

CFA Discussion Topic: any standard of getting started for the CFA exam

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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!