AuthorTopic: Anyone else disappointed in the third party material?
@2019-08-09 17:43:43
Specifically Schweser Qbanks? I’m starting to think that was a big waste of money after taking the exam.
@2019-08-29 16:32:19
I did not use any Q-banks other than the one provided on the CFA website. I used AnalystNotes notes and the 6 AnalystNotes mock exams. I personally think that AnalystNotes notes are great for level 1. It focuses on what's important for the exam and breaks everything into LOS which was really helpful. I think purchasing an additional Q bank is overkill. You get 2700 + questions in the curriculum, about 1000 questions on the CFA website Q-bank, 720 questions on CFAI mocks and 1,200 questions on AN mocks. This is a total of 5,600 + questions for you to practice. My plan was to finish 6 mocks (3 CFAI and 3 AnalystNotes) and keep the additional 3 AnalystNotes mocks as a mini Q-bank that I could practice on the weekdays in between mocks. AnalystNotes mocks have the highest quality questions (better than their Q-bank I have heard). If you complete every single question and have a good understanding of the solutions for each, there is no way you need more questions to pass the exam.

CFA Discussion Topic: Anyone else disappointed in the third party material?

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!