AuthorTopic: Anyone else not retaken if they fail?
@2015-12-11 18:43:57
I won't, CFA is not worth taking over and over like a idiot (CFAI makes huge profits off idiots that repeat over and over)

Think back to readings on Econ and opportunity costs. If I spent the time I wasted on CFA on networking(kissing ass gets you far) or on projects that add value to my department I would make much more profit then passing CFA. Remember CFA is largely unknown to most people and thus isn't going to get you higher pay (more like HR will deem you to overqualified).
@2015-12-12 19:18:36
ummm 2 things.

1. CFA is a sunk cost if you keep failing over and over again. Not if you fail once and then take it again

2. Not sure where you get your info from but in the investment community everyone knows about the CFA. And when I say everyone, I mean EVERYONE. I dont care if my friends dont know what it is, I care about the people who I will be applying with for jobs or promotions.
@2015-12-15 10:39:48
I think your insight is not well informed. I work in investment management for a major institutional investor/pension plan and the CFA charter is a gold standard of excellence to everyone here.

As patrickIq said, EVERYONE in the business knows what it is and how tough it is to get. It is held in much higher esteem than an MBA, even from a top-tier university.

Way more people at work asked me how my exam went last weekend than have asked about my new baby boy born days before the exam.
@2019-03-17 07:01:30
I failed 3 times before making level1
already failed once on level 2 but getting prepared for next year
the adage goes winners never quit quitters never win...

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You have a wonderful website and definitely should take some credit for your members' outstanding grades.
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Colin Sampaleanu