AuthorTopic: Anyone from Malaysia??
@2006-02-05 04:18:04
Hi there, I am planning to sit for Level 1, CFA in 2006. Anyone from Malaysia, please do drop by while more insights and ideas may be exchanged in working towards success. Looking foward to meet all of you.
@2006-04-09 06:10:56
I'm from m' is so unlucky it hard to find any friend from m'sia in this forum...
@2006-04-10 01:22:29
I am from Malaysia. I also planning to sit for level 1, but CFA 2007.
@2006-04-14 17:01:14
I am from malaysia too.i need help from u guys..i wana know which institute/college/uni offering CFA in m'sia..i dunno how i suppose to find these info online..i spent bout few hours but i still dunno where i can attend the courses..
@2006-04-15 09:07:54
I am a Malaysian, and I am taking CFA Level 1 in June. You can email me at my username here @ .
@2006-05-28 07:00:31
Hi, i m considering to take the level 1 in year 2007. Intend to start preparing for the exam now. my contact is :
@2006-12-19 15:02:35
Anybody from Malaysia doing 2007 CFA Level 2 ?
@2006-12-23 04:02:07
ME TOO from malaysia. Please advise what is the career for cfa? BIG BUCK?
@2006-12-24 07:36:41
I would be doing Level 2 in Malaysia coming June!
@2006-12-26 07:06:52
Hello chenchow, how is your preparation for L2 ? Which study materials are you using ?

@2006-12-26 13:09:03
It's great to find this forum which meant for M'sia candidate. I will also be sitting for the Level I paper in 2007. Nice to meet you all here....
@2007-01-02 10:15:24
Hi chenchow and matthew, i'm taking L2 2007, I'm using the original materials from CFAI. Are you attending any prep class?
@2007-01-04 00:39:00
Hi Sharifah, how do you find the study materials from CFAI so far ? Is this your first attempt for L2 ?
@2007-01-17 09:02:24
Hi matthew, i think CFAI materials are the most comprehensive and the questions are tough, may be similar to the real exam questions.I used it together with the Analyst Notes and I think they are good enough, plus the explanation from the lecturers.Yes this is my first attempt.
@2008-11-20 10:23:54
Hi name is timmy. I from Kota Kinabalu Sabah. Did anyone know where i can take CFA level 1 exam in Malaysia?
@2011-09-02 04:22:45
Hi everyone,I am Malaysian also, I am undergraduate student. I would like to register for my CFA level 1.It is difficult of me to register it because I do not have any credit card. Hence, May I know is it possible to register the CFA without using credit card?Thanks a lot..your reply is much appreciated.

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