AuthorTopic: Anyone from Poland?
@2004-02-27 18:51:55
Krakow maybe? Certainly there ought to be at least three guys except me :-)
@2004-02-29 05:52:37
I'm one of them;-)
@2004-02-29 17:12:26
well, you've been more creative choosing your nickname :-)
@2004-03-03 13:50:56
I'm here - G.
@2004-03-04 17:39:20
Admin decided to shift our posts from general forum to study groups. I'm impressed. They really read what users write here. I wonder if we were punished for posts in polish.
@2004-09-09 08:40:47
hi, I want to take CFA in June 05. I am from Warsaw, any one preparing as well?
@2005-01-13 06:44:09
I'm also living in poland, in warsaw. I'm taking the level I exam in 2005. Want to meet/talk?
@2005-01-18 11:33:46
Hi I am from Warsaw/Lodz prepering to take december exam. Write on
@2005-01-19 11:27:04
right adress is
@2005-01-25 17:24:01
Hello Warsaw People :-)
This is level II candidate from Krakow speaking.
Analyst Notes (former CFA Center) is a really good choice for LI preparation. (LII needs some amendmends). Try to do all the stuff here, read some schwesser and it should be enough to pass most of topics over 75%(for me and at least two of my friends it's been enough)

CFA Discussion Topic: Anyone from Poland?

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Thanks again for your wonderful site ... it definitely made the difference.
Craig Baugh

Craig Baugh