AuthorTopic: Anyone from Virginia
@2006-01-30 22:21:45
Hi I am in richmond taking june 06 L1 exam is anyone giving their exam in june I will like to join the study group

@2006-03-17 16:54:05
hi shilpa
iam here ready to join your study group

@2007-01-22 23:22:05
I am from Fairfax, VA. In washingtong DC metro. Would love to join group.
When are you taking exam? What study material do you use? What is your educational and work related background.
@2007-02-06 01:55:52
I am in the DC area as well, studying for levelIII.
@2007-02-25 21:52:20
Is anyone from Arlingon VA taking the CFA DEC 2007 exam.
Do let me know.
@2007-02-27 14:56:31
Choclate & abcxyz, what study materials are you using? From alex, me and my study partner are planning to take the exam in Dec.
@2007-02-28 01:16:21
MsDeb,I don't have any study materials as of now.
Any suggestions regarding that.
Appreciate your resply.

CFA Discussion Topic: Anyone from Virginia

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You have a wonderful website and definitely should take some credit for your members' outstanding grades.
Colin Sampaleanu

Colin Sampaleanu