AuthorTopic: Anyone have any cocentration tips?
@2016-03-22 20:22:47
As it is going right now the block of time I need each day to stay current is about 6 hours a day. I am having problems with concentration, Does anyone have any tips about focusing? After 15 min or less of reading my mind wanders, this happens all the time. Any tips?
@2016-04-02 17:13:25
6hrs x 113days is 678 hours

Do you enjoy the material? Serious question... Granted some sections are tough to get through, but I find myself enjoying most of the readings.

Are you using a prep provider ala AnalystNotes or Schweser? I find breaking up the reading time
with problems and notes helps.

Other than that, Adderall....?
@2016-04-02 21:16:37
I used to study for 45 minutes and take 10 minutes break.

I break my studies i.e., reading the material for some time, View video (which activates auditory & visual nervous) while listening to the video write down the notes which activates motor nervous as well, so that I can concentrate and retain the information. Most importantly I will work out questions, if I'm bored of reading the material.

However, I am having neck pain if I study for 3-4 hours continuously, any body having similar problem? Any tips to overcome neck pain, probably regular exercise should help?
@2016-04-22 20:48:59
Sometimes I suffer from similar issues. I absolutely swear on:
1.) Regular sleep intervals, some exercise and a balanced diet (Edit: I use the axbo sleep phase alarm clock to control sleep intervals)
2.) Ear plugs
3.) Chewing gum (might replace ear plugs since the chewing creates more immediate background noise)
4.) About 0.5l of water per 1h of study (I'm not sure if the positive effect is from regular toilet breaks or if there is any neurological effect)

Some medical techniques you may want to discuss with your doc include:
1.) Neurofeedback (more long term, but definitely preferred since no chemistry involved)
2.) Anything containing glutamic acid (more short term, uncertain effect and long term effect)
3.) Ritalin (more short term, and uncertain long-term effects)
4.) Provigil (more short term, and uncertain long-term effects)

I don't mean to recommend any drugs, but included the reference so that interested people may discuss treatments with a competent medical advisor.
@2019-06-23 08:01:48
6 hours a day?! Do you work?

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