AuthorTopic: Anyone in Hong Kong?
@2004-10-10 10:15:28
I am planning to take the Level One exam in June 2005 and would like to study with someone who is going to do the same as me.

Look forward to seeing you.
@2004-10-11 00:58:07
I'll be going to HK for a business trip. Let's discuss. My email address is
@2004-11-27 17:42:44
I am a cantonese In New Zealand going to take the exam in DEC 2005 . I will go back to Canton after June 2005. MSN Messenger:
@2004-12-28 03:02:52

I will take the level One exam in June 2005.
@2005-01-06 12:09:06

I am studying Level 1 now, I am in Canton and soon will start working in HK, maybe we can study together for level one. My msn: Regards.
@2005-02-24 04:18:03
Hi Bearsister,

I'm planning to enrol a CFA Level 1 course, that starts on late Mar, but not yet enrol for the June exam. Do you know if I can catch up with the schedule and have sufficient time for studying? If yes, we can join together for studying, or I have to wait for Dec then.
@2005-03-29 10:08:40
I am currently in Hong Kong. I will take the level I exam in June 2005. Can I join your group? MSN :
@2005-04-04 02:44:36
Hi Bearsister,

I am taking 2005 Jun CFA Level I. Let's have the study group. My email is and ICQ: 8853229


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I just wanted to share the good news that I passed CFA Level I!!! Thank you for your help - I think the online question bank helped cut the clutter and made a positive difference.
Edward Liu

Edward Liu