AuthorTopic: anyone study at shanghai?
@2004-04-22 05:10:42
please contact me at if anyone study CFA level one at shanghai, puxi! thanks!
@2004-08-13 03:21:31
hi, have u passed through the level one test?

i am in pudong, shanghai.
@2004-10-11 02:19:58
i passed level one. Prepairing level II now.Anybody want to jion? I live in Pu si. Work in huaihaizhonglu.
@2004-10-13 23:06:34
I now prepare CFA level 2 exam on 2005/06. I am in shanghai.
@2004-10-19 01:05:01
well i am from shanghai but live in houston now
and planning on taking level 1 in june 2005 if any of you folks would like to tell me more about level 1 i am deeply appreciated

thank you
@2004-10-27 10:56:29
hi guys
i'm preparing 2005june CFA LEVEL1.
Contact me:
@2004-11-08 21:49:19
I will prepare CFA 2 on 2005.6.
I live in hongqiao town of puxi.
I am glad to join CFA 2 study group.
@2004-11-17 10:46:48
hi guys,:
I am studying Finance in Auckland, New Zealand.I just gonna graduate from uni at the end of this year. I gonna go back to Shanghai, China for holiday and hopefully I can get sum secondhand studying material from u guys who already passed the level 1 exam.

Anyone interested in selling secondhand material can contact me by
qq:85714195(indicating CFA)

Quick reply to any offer~~~

Thxs a lot~~~~

@2005-02-12 16:08:02
Hi, I am living in the Netherlands. I have scheduled to take the level I in this June.

Why don't some of our friends share some experience. I heard that Shanghai is badly needing CFA chartholders for the financial service.

If a study group is to be formed, count me as well.

@2010-04-26 21:30:01
I live in Shanghai and am seeking for any help in preparation for the level 1 CFA exam such as a study group or preparation classes. please contact me.

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