AuthorTopic: Anyone Studying?!
@2008-07-02 21:23:22
It's so strange, after studying for about 5 months straight for the level one exam, I don't think I could crack the analystnotes ebook if my life depended on it. I knew the material so well, but I think there might be a small chance I didn't pass. It's going to be so tough to study this stuff again(though I will). Anyone feel the same?
@2008-07-03 00:30:34
I definately agree. After studying so hard I felt completely burnt out. I won't be able to consider starting again for at least a few more weeks.

I may just wait for the results to come in.
@2008-07-04 16:09:43
I guess everybody who has studied so hard as we did is not exactly jumping in excitement about opening the books again. Especially not, if it's the same books we've all been staring at for the last 6-9 months. After taking the level I exam I came away with the funny feeling that I should now drive home, sit down at my desk and begin for my preparations for the December Level I exam again.

I will start studying again probably this weekend, but I will start slowly. Not having done anything since the June exam date has caused me a headache, I don't feel the least bad about it.
@2008-07-05 20:51:45
I don't feel like I failed. I am actually fairly confident that I passed. The second session of the exam was very difficult for me. So in short, I am cautiously optimistic that I passed, but would not be willing to put money on it.

Main reason for any worries was lack of preparation. I was focusing mainly on school up until a month before the test. That month, all I really did was study and I was getting really burnt out from it when the test came.

I probably won't open the books again until the results come.
@2008-07-25 18:35:33
I'm agree with you

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