AuthorTopic: Are mock exams more difficult than others?
@2006-05-23 21:16:09
What is the level of the exams? Are they more difficult then of the other prep. courses?
@2006-05-24 08:25:42
In my opinion, they are harder than Schweser and easier than the real exam.
@2006-05-26 10:36:15
Hey NufaNKa, so does that mean you have taken the level 1 exam before.

Either way, I reckon the mock exam this site provides is actually harder than the real CFA exam. If you have a look at the CFA's past sample paper, they are a lot easier than the mock exams here. Anyway I'm happy to hear from anyone out there who's done L1 exam before on what they have to say about comparing the difficulties of the two exam.
@2006-05-26 13:00:58
In december, I did 4 types of exam as a preparation.

1) The exam on this website, they are hard, but not as hard as the real one.

2) The CFA's past sample, almost useless, too easy..

3) The Schweser exams, a good preparation, easier than analystnotes.

4) The 50$ practice exam from CFA Institute, expensive, kind of easy, really short, I dont recommend paying for those.

All that to say, the best practice in my opinion are those from analystnotes (its suck, analystnotes dont have any mock exams for lvl 2).
The real exam is in my opinion really harder. The ethics questions are really, really subjectives. The rest of the exam required almost no calculation (except for NPV). They test if you understand the concept.

An other difficulty for me, as you probably notice, english isnt my first langage :P
@2006-05-28 10:30:27
Thanks for the advice. I just think it is silly for CFA to come out and set up these expensive sample exams with easy questions that does not reflect the difficulty of the real exam. It is just going to surprise the candidates, which won't do us any good. Any one else has an opinion on this topic?
@2006-06-01 11:09:31
Those ones on the CFA site a total rip-off, I paid $100 last year, waste of time.
@2006-06-02 03:01:13
I feel the questions on this site are often too confusingly worded. Is the real exam similar? Can anyone with experience tell?
@2006-12-01 02:09:21
Though I have not had the chance to complete any of the sample exams, I agree with most of your contributions that the analystnotes mock exams appear to be the closest to the real thing. we have to give them kudos for that.
@2006-12-01 09:58:05
Having taken level 1 twice, I agreed with NufaNka's point that the real time exam tests us more on understanding the underlying concepts. Rather than making us calculate all the time, they have incorporated numerous qns that required understanding rather than making us calculate blindly.
@2006-12-01 13:48:20
Do you feel that this is consistent with the morning session and the afternoon sesssion or is one part focused on calculations and the other on "theory"?
@2006-12-03 07:04:28
The study session and solutions to various questions is unique in this site. It should be good enough.
@2006-12-06 10:57:00
Although the CFA website sample exams are a rip off, they are a very accurate reflection of the type/difficulty of the actual exam questions. The real exam was certainly no more difficult than the CFAI sample exams i tried.
Questions on this site are a good study aid but not like the questions you will get asked in the real exam.
You could quite easily pass the real exam without a calculator i reckon.
@2007-01-19 18:32:32
so those of you that think a calculator is of limited use and that the questions on the sample tests are limited in their use -- would you say the basic questions are more valuable? I know they are labeled "basic" but my experience with them has been that they are more conceptually based and generally try to confuse your knowledge of topics, which seems consistent with how you are characterizing the exam.
@2007-02-23 15:36:41
I see a recurring theme from people that mock exams from this site are very useful. I do have the package, but what I find difficult with mock exams on this site is that you canít print them out. I have to go through the test online first and only then I have the option to print (already with answers). Anybody knows if thereís a possibility to print either mock exams or exam questions so we could practice on paper?

@2007-05-05 15:48:16
Hi there, how do I gain access to free samples for level 1, which I can print out. If some1 can help PLEASE. Thank you
@2007-06-26 12:30:18
Hi! Where can I can get of those mock examiantion. I am really interested to take the CFA examination
@2008-06-08 09:09:21
What was the grades obtained ? IN every mock sessions???
@2009-01-22 03:38:44
pls can someone post the dec 2008 mock exam in pdf format to my box
@2009-03-17 20:52:48
the mock exams from CFA Institute were useless for they would not let you know what problems you missed. When you printed out the exam, they did not include the original questions, so just the answers were printed. You had to work from memory. It was $60 a pop, so expensive.
@2009-08-18 00:16:48
i wanted to give the mock test for CFA exams .
How can i do it please advice me.
For Economics & Financial accounting Paper this time.
@2011-11-28 21:48:05
With 4 days to go, need the best revision strategy... seems like the exams are a wasted feel good experience.. any recommendations?
@2013-02-11 13:11:15
I am registered for level 1 on June. How's the actual exam difficulty compare to the sample exercises at the end of each reading materials from CFA?

Planning to focus the whole May answering the exercises on reading materials and the mock exam that will be provided. Do you think this will work?
@2013-02-22 04:07:28
AN Mock Exams are harder than the real exam. But they make you understand the material very well. you can compare them to the Mock exams that are released by the CFAI 3 months before the exam.
@2019-05-03 02:14:08
CFA Institute mock exams are quiet close to actual exam..whether it is tough or not depends on perception though. There are several course providers whose mock exams are slightly tougher than actual one but will be helpful for preparation.

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