AuthorTopic: Are old CFA mock exams relevant?
@2017-05-14 09:29:41
I'm scoring over 80% on mock exams here (I'd finished all 4,000+ review questions). Today after lunch I opened a 2014 CFA Institute mock, geez, so many questions from content outside the curriculum that I did some areas and gave up burning my brain. How long should I go back? (If it's advisable at all). When curriculum had changed radically in this period? (2015 and 2016 are almost the same with exception of derivatives and ABS)
@2017-05-19 15:55:23
Good question, I would like some advice on this as well. I am scoring well on the Schweser practice exams but I took a CFAI practice exam and it seemed a lot harder! I heard these Schweser mock exams are too easy? The AnalystNotes mock exams are closer to the official mock exam IMO.

My big question is: are the practice questions/exams from Schweser comparable in difficulty to what will be on the actual exam? Should I focus on one over the other or just keep going through both? Should I switch completely to AnalystNotes mock exams?

CFA Discussion Topic: Are old CFA mock exams relevant?

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