AuthorTopic: Are preliminary readings tested on the real CFA exam?
@2006-06-07 13:22:09
Are these really tested extensively?

Econnomics doesn't have too many, but the list for FSA just makes me cringe...
@2006-06-29 09:36:29
if there's no LOS attached to it, it's background and if you have prior knowledge of the field slip it
@2006-07-01 07:51:13
the only stuff that is from the prelim that i remember being tested on was using cash to pay down receivables vs paying down st debt and its affect on the current ratio.

Also, know how issuing a zero vs a coupon bond affects CFO, CFF

There might be more stuff from the prelim, that those were the big ones that i remember being tested on

Just buy the prelim accounting book, i went through it in about 10 hours and it really helped a lot with grasping the more complicated stuff.
@2006-07-25 20:38:09
Is there any change in LOS in 2006 . If yes what are the changes . Please help

CFA Discussion Topic: Are preliminary readings tested on the real CFA exam?

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