AuthorTopic: are we screwed?
@2019-01-17 12:38:49
From what I have read on various threads, taking the CFA is not going to do anything but make the fine folks at CFAI a butt load of money. Im graduating in April and passing L1 is not going to get me crap? Am I understanding this correctly?
@2019-01-20 21:39:53
You are correct in that you will not walk into an interview, and have someone say, "wow, you passed level one? why are we even doing this, when can you start?" Nor will this happen for level three. However, that doesn't mean there aren't very good reasons for getting the charter. Of course, no degree will do this for you either. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of unemployed HBS alums right now - their degree isn't guaranteeing a job.

You refine your skills, helping you to do a better job. You tap into a network, giving you greater opportunities down the road.

Results are very worthwhile, but intangible.

People who sign up for this only with the hope of switching careers or moving straight up the ladder are doomed to be disappointed.

@2019-02-10 09:41:25
I am soooo sick and tired with those people saying we in this forum are losers!! Saying we are pathetic a$$ who think we'll get to IB/IM just because of CFA/MBA. We don't need to listen to those people. Esp. that douchebagg!! Yes I mean you dumb and dumber bagg!!

You know what?!! I'm a foreigner in US. And I beat the competition 3X against local people that don't need visa sponsorship. 2x got laid off, 2x got another job, stealing job from locals. The last one was a year ago while the economy was still bad. And this is because CFA/MBA/MS combo!

The key is that not all employers think like dumb and dumber bagg. I may not be in front office yet but not in backoffice either. If we have to crawl, then crawl. The PMs and analysts in my company, they are from U of AL, U. of North AL, U. of South AL, Berry College, Hamden Sydney College, FL Int'l U., U of KS, U of MS, Stetson U., Auburn U. etc. the so called never land universities. And total we manage $14B (B not M) AUM.

Find a niche, small cos, 3-4 people IM firm, build your resume there. Then go to Wallstreet.

@2019-04-19 15:29:53
I don't understand some of the people on this site, they seem like they want to prove to themselves that the CFA is worthless if only to justify to themselves that they shouldn't do it.

The simple fact is, within the field, CFA is a world class qualification, but as with any professional field you won't be employed with CFA alone. You need a decent network, good personality and excellent business acumen. CFA is not a substitute for any of these.

There is no meal ticket.

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