AuthorTopic: Are you guys feeling confident of passing
@2018-10-22 00:39:50
as of now still i dont feel comfortable... rather dont feel confidant...

what about you guys??
@2017-11-19 13:45:07
not at all! I have been on this full time, non stop since October. I gave up on reading the textbook 2 weeks into my study and have been concentrating full time on reading and trying to understand the notes and concepts. I'm not finished and I feel like I can't remember a thing! I am really dreading the exam :S
@2018-10-23 14:01:55
Not as such....I did a analystnotes review exam yesterday and came out with 67%... some more or less likely "questions which I was 50/50 on, I managed to go the wrong way ...frustrating!"

If you are making the effort to study, surely it is too early to have a view...I am sure I will be more confident in December than I am now.
@2018-10-23 22:51:09
You never feel confident. I'm a retaker and I still don't feel confident.
@2018-10-25 18:55:12
I'm also re-taking the exam and I feel the same way. I'm currently working on FSA on my re-study efforts and still have a lot to get done in not much time (6-7 weeks!) which worries me. November is going to be busy, busy month with 40+ hours a week of studying.
@2018-11-01 07:16:59
Re-taker and very little confidence. Just took the mock exam 1 here and received a 75% but felt like I was going to get a 40%.

We still have several weeks left to cover the material and review so we should be okay, but I don't think I will every be confident until I see Level I: Pass.

Then move to Level II and back to no confidence. Like a friend said "November is going to be busy."
@2018-11-27 09:09:20
hello, nice to meet you.i come from LA. new to here.

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