AuthorTopic: As expected i failed level 1 with band 9
@2018-01-28 11:57:16
I request all the candidates who passed this attempt and senior charterholders or candidates, please guide me where i am lacking how should i approach the June 2017 attempt, what should be my study process, what should be my strategy.

I don't have any job so i study full time, i used Schweser mostly but it seemed it did not help that much. Completed EOC questions of FRA only, attempted only 1 A.M official mock.

Done only 1000+ practice questions in total and practiced questions in the last 15 days before exam. Total study time was 2.5 months, so i think lack of preparation was the key reason.

Need your guidance.

Congrats to those who have passed.
@2018-02-04 09:27:57
I am sorry to hear you fail as well as for everyone who failed...

After reading your summary, I feel free to recommend following:

1. Repeat once again overall study material to be sure you understand most of the key topics.

2. Now, you have enough time, so do not make again same mistake and not doing Mocks.

3. Do as much Mocks and Topic test as you can.

4. Record all incorrect answers and remember correct one.

5. Repeat and practice all weak areas (determined in incorrect mock answers) until you feel you are able to solve any question even at 3 AM if you wake up in the night.

Now, you have experience (you know what you may expect) and enough time to be well prepared for next time.

CFA Discussion Topic: As expected i failed level 1 with band 9

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Thanks again for your wonderful site ... it definitely made the difference.
Craig Baugh

Craig Baugh